Sarang by the brook is proud to offer you the services of PRIMAL WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE, one of Kuala Lumpur's top ranked Outdoor Activity Provider & Tour Operator (as ranked by TripAdvisor, the world's most visited travel website). As guests of the private retreat, you can now enjoy these tours & activities with the knowledge that you are sharing an experience enjoyed by travelers the world over! (We encourage you to read the reviews!)

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  The Night Jungle Experience

Time devoted to losing one self
3 hours
Actual Trek Time
1 hour
Tour Classification
Class 2
Personal Fitness Level needed
Below average to average
Outdoor Skill to Possess
Low to medium
Water Confidence Level
Low to medium
Minimum Number of Participants
Maximum Group


Price for a slice of Malaysian Experience
RM80 per person

(usual price RM280 per person)

Tour Description

Ever wanted to explore the jungle at night but never had the chance? This tour takes in a delightful river and jungle trek AT NIGHT, where you will encounter the wild jungle up close. We will be providing you with head lamps for the chance of spotting the nocturnal animals we may encounter along the way.

After a 30-minute trek, we will be at a small waterfall with a beach area where we will take a dip under the moonlight. Marvel at the millions of stars while enjoying a hot drink in a serene surrounding in the jungle at night.

Once we have finished the trek, we shall proceed to the Hot Springs to immerse ourselves in a natural thermal hot pool and contemplate life as we know it.

Before we proceed home, we shall stop for a meal of quintessential Malaysian supper. We never leave you hungry.



  The Magical River Trek

Time Devoted to Losing One Self in Nature
Inclusive of picnic lunch at the waterfall
Actual Trek Time
4 hours trek + 1 hour picnic at the waterfall
Personal Fitness Level Needed
Average to above average
Outdoor Skill to Possess
Low to medium
Water Confidence Level
Low to medium
Minimum Number of Participants
Price for a day out in a jungle paradise
RM150 per person

(normal price RM350 per person)

Tour Description

This is the trip into the jungle to get wet and wild with mommy nature. You will be trekking through a rainforest teeming with flora. And if we get lucky, some wild animals can be spotted as well. Expect to encounter river crossings, scrambling across rocks and boulders and crawling through bamboo thickets.

Discover beautiful jungle bubbling brooks and slightly hilly terrain. Watch the enfolding change in landscape as you traverse deep into a tropical paradise. Enjoy the breaks in foliage that affords you a glimpse of the mountain range.

You will come across numerous waterfalls, small and big, run-of-the-mill to magical. At the end of the trek, you will come to a magnificent multi tiered waterfall. This is where you say "wow!"

You will have a picnic lunch in the presence of this giant of a waterfall, enjoying the spray of the falls on your face. Walk into the falls, behind a thunderous curtain of water flowing over you while you stay safely tucked inside a small rocky promontory.

This is a quintessential jungle paradise experience not to be missed if you have just one day to discover the wonders of mommy nature in the jungles of Malaysia, and also to reaffirm your long held belief why YOU must fight tooth and nail to preserve nature.


  The White Water Rafting Experience

Time Devoted to Getting Wet
We have 2 sessions, 9am & 2pm
Actual Rafting Time
2 to 4 hours (depending on group size)
Personal Fitness Level Needed
Below average to average
Outdoor Skill to Possess
Low to medium
Water Confidence Level
Minimum Number of Participants
Maximum Group
Self Drive. For other transport arrangements, please talk to us.
Price for being a Wet Tuber
RM230 per person

Tour Description

Ready for an adrenaline pumping river action? Try out our White Water Rafting action for a wet & wild time.


  Other Suggested Activities at Sarang

River picnics
Sunrise & sunset @ Milenium Park
Explore a picturesque colonial era town with a great foodie trail
Fraser Hill - Only 38km away
Visit the hotsprings - 8 minutes away
BBQ feast by the salt water pool
Pool volleyball
Board games
Picturesque banjaran titiwangsa drive
Birding @ The Gap
Golf at an old school golf course
Climb the bukit called kutu
Just read, soak up the sun & swim